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Internet Students

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Non-Internet or Missions based Programs

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The one requirement for schools is that students are not charged or coerced into paying any per course tuition in order to attend or to receive God's Word through this program. (A small "pre-approved per semester" registration fee may be charged by a school in order for that school to cover the cost of administration for the semester. However, Liberty Harvest reserves the right to lower or cancel this fee in the event we determines the fees are deemed an educational barrier to the surrounding population.) Voluntary donations to your school, as in this ministry will be allowed as the Holy Spirit of God leads each student.

Donation Requests

From this ministry, there will be periodic donation requests for registered active schools and internet students. For schools, the request will for the school only, and not each individual student. As there will never be a "minimum" donation request, the amount of your donation is between you and the Holy Spirit. Your donation will help us to continue to provide these programs to other pastors, missionaries and schools around the world. This is the Lord's work, we have no doubt that the Lord will continue to meet these needs for his people.




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