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In 1964 Liberty Bible College in Pensacola Florida was founded by Brother Ken Sumrall. Liberty was one of the first Charismatic Bible Colleges in the U.S.A. During the years of its operation, Liberty Bible College added its graduate school, Liberty Theological Seminary. However, in the early 1990s, resulting from multiple reasons, Liberty Bible College, along with its main campus in Pensacola Florida, closed the doors of its residential facility. The educational assets of Liberty Theological Seminary were sold to the then vice president of the seminary, Dr. Frank Longino. Dr. Longino moved the Seminary to Texas where until recently, both live classes and remote education were offered globally. In the Spring of 2010, at the age of 80, Dr. Frank and his wife Betty, went to be with the Lord.

Liberty Bible College and Liberty Theological Seminary 27 Acre Campus and Dormitories
Liberty Bible College and Liberty Theological Seminary 27 Acre Campus and Dormitories

The Other Liberty(s)

Other Liberty Bible Colleges and Liberty Theological Seminary(s) have appeared and continue to appear, but be assured, the Liberty Bible College and Liberty Theological Seminary represented on this site are the original, which have spawned many child works over the years.

Liberty University and Liberty Baptist Seminary
Additionally, in 1971, seven years after the founding and incorporation of Liberty Bible College in Pensacola, it was discovered that Brother Jerry Falwell started his new Baptist college in Lynchburg, Virginia. Brother Sumrall attempted to communicate with Borther Jerry Falwell to discuss his using the name "Liberty," but no response was ever received from Brother Falwell. Legal action to have Brother Falwell stop using the name "Liberty" was never persued. The late Brother Falwell's Baptist college is now know as Liberty University and Liberty Baptist Seminary.

Dick Reuben Evangelistic Association

Being Jewish is not an easy task in an anti-Semitic world, especially if you are a born-again Christian or Messianic Jew. The Ruach Elohim (Spirit of the Living God) overcame all the odds of a Jew ever becoming a believer when Brother Reuben became a believer in Yeshua, the promised Messiah of Israel, on the evening of March 1st 1971. In giving his heart to the Lord at a Rex Humbard crusade in Norfolk Virginia, that night an outlaw biker that society had written off as a habitual loser, was radically saved and called by the grace and mercy of the Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.Dick Reuben entered full time ministry in 1985 and was a pastor of a small church in Indiana for several years before becoming a traveling Evangelist. Having studied under a noted Messianic Rabbi for 6 years Brother Reuben attended the Institute of Ministry in Bradenton, Florida and Christ for the Nations in Dallas, Texas. Joining the staff of Rock of Israel in January of 1990 as a field representative with the Assembles of God home missions in Southern California. While living in southern California Brother Reuben received his DD. Degree from, and for a short time taught at, the Southern California Theological Seminary as a professor of Old Testament theology.Today Dr. Reuben travels around the world with his wife and faithful companion Deanne by his side. Dick and Deanne Reuben would love to fellowship with you and your congregation. Please feel free to contact us and schedule a time of ministry. Full History

Paul Keith Davis -White Dove Ministries

WhiteDove Ministries was founded August 11, 1995 by Paul Keith and Wanda Davis. Their primary focus since that time has been to release Scriptural truth, in both spoken and written form, that highlights the preparation of a generation to experience personal encounters with the Lord Jesus and the visitation imminently before us. It is our hope to awaken this generation to the expectation of supernatural power and authority demonstrated in the early church. Full History

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